With the SPONSOR
PROGRAM, you can send an
e‐mail child development
newsletter timed to the
monthly age of each child in
the family from birth to high
school graduation.
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Annual license fee is $79. This license gives you the right to make copies of the four publications and to provide an e-mail subscription to those families you serve.

How does it work?
There are many variations. Copies can be made to take along and leave on a home visit. They can be given to parents to read and keep while they wait for professional services.

You may sign up parents up for an e-mail subscription so that they can receive the appropriate publications for children from birth to graduation. Growing Child—from birth to 72 months, Growing Up— school age children from kindergarten to the twelfth grade.


Is there a limit?

The guide line is a building unit. For example an elementary school building or a birthing unit. The current number of families within one of these units is limited to 2,500 families. Please keep in mind we want as many parents as possible to receive these publications. However we must have adequate revenue to maintain their quality. If you have a questions please contact us at: service@growingchild.com

Name and address protection
Our Guarantee: Our newsletters are free of commercial bias with our no‐advertising policy, and all addresses are used only to administer subscriptions and are not disclosed to other individuals or organizations.

How will parents know we offer this service?
Each newsletter the parent receives by e-mail will have a welcome page that will identify you or your organization as the gift giver. Click to see an example of the welcome letter.