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Protecting, shaping and guiding little humans can be an overwhelming responsibility. Growing Child can help. Every month, Growing Child provides insight into a child's development and helps a parent understand and guide their child though each stage.

Home based childcare can purchase subscriptions for each family they care for. A small business can purchase a gift for each employee. Any organization can provide a subscription for each member's family. Keep gift cards on hand to share with any parent. It is a perfect extra gift to present at a baby shower.

As long as at least 5 gift cards are ordered at one time, the cost is only $10 for each subscription.

There is never a renewal fee. The email subscription gift card purchase cost of $10 covers each and every child in the same household until the youngest child graduates high school.


Growing Child: A Monthly child development e-newsletter timed to the monthly age of the child from birth to six years old. Check points for development.

Growing Parent: A monthly e-newsletter that helps parents grow as adults. It is important that parent advance their personal development to help enrich the lives of their children and themselves.

Grandma Says: A twice-a-month e-newsletter written for parents by a wise grandmother, professional educator and author.

Growing Up: Sent monthly during the school year, an e-newsletter with a series of short, easy-to- read articles timed to the grade level for parents of children in kindergarten through graduation.


Purchase at least 5 prepaid email subscription gift cards. When you are ready to share a gift with the parents, present the gift card which includes a request for them to complete the online form at an included web address. You may also share the card but complete the online sign-up for the parents.

We'll take it from there and set up the subscriptions. If you do not want paper gift cards mailed to you, please request "No Paper" in the special instruction / comments box on the payment information page and customer service will email you all of the information you need to set up your gifts. Please be sure you include a valid email address.

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Email subscriptions may be sent to any valid email address with no shipping charges.

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